Great Jewelry to Wear This Fall

Sterling silver, zirconia and Swarovski crystals are the most common ingredients of quality jewelry that you can purchase from a direct sales consultant. With unique colors and cuts, Swarovski crystals have sparkled on gowns and jewelry since the 19th century, but other crystals and stones also look great.

Children’s jewelry is often made of brightly colored rhinestones in the form of fairies and ballerinas, football and soccer charms. Make sure to ask your jewelry home sales consultant for info, tips and tricks; she can also show you the jewels so that you see for yourself what color looks particularly good on you or your child. Moreover, you can also assess the different cuts to see which works best.

zirconia neckless

Fall trends

While some jewels are timeless, there are certain colors that work better during certain seasons. For example, this fall the colors worth considering are amethyst, taupe, and blue.

  1. Amethyst jewelry looks amazing when paired with purple outfits, since both colors are so representative of fall. Try wearing an amethyst necklace with a deep purple sweater; this way, there is no overlapping and you can show off both colors at the same time.

Another outfit idea is to wear a purple sweater dress and tan boots, and accessorize these with a dark purple fall hat, an amethyst necklace and a purple velvet bracelet. Jewelry with oxidized brass plating has a stunning antique feel to it that you will certainly love. Moreover, amethyst jewels can also be paired with Siam stones if you want a look that is bold.

  1. If you love shimmering jewelry of a color that goes with most outfits, a warm neutral like taupe is what you need. Necklaces and rings that glow golden are the perfect choice this fall. Taupe jewelry is a particularly good match for blue jeans, a brown cardigan, and a pair of brown shoes.
  2. On the other hand, when you want to be fashionable this fall, but also consider winter, the right choice is blue. Necklaces, bracelets, studs and earrings, all should sparkle in a variety of blue shades, from light sapphire to denim blue you simply cannot go wrong.

These jewels wok really well when paired with an elegant dark gray sweater, blue jeans, and a set of dark brown booties. And best of all, you already have a starting point on which to build on for the cold season!

Top Reasons Why You Should Use A Building Management System

Many people don’t know what the building management systems are about, but this is an important detail that every landlord, flat owner or any building holder should know about. There are many building management system firms that are ready to explain everything you need to know and offer you the best services. These systems are very important because they follow all the installations in the building. Using them you will be able to monitor and control the electrical and the mechanical equipment the building has, just by switching a few buttons.

If you wonder what they can do, here is some equipment that can be easily controlled with this management system: the elevators, the plumbing, the heating and the air conditioning, the security systems, the illumination and much more. You will have access to every detail of the building and you will always be in control. Moreover, these systems are a big help for everyone, starting with the tenants, and continuing with the owner and the maintenance companies:

The occupants will be in control of their internal comfort conditions

The tenants will be able to control the heating, individually in each room and will improve their lives. Also, they will be able to supervise their homes and save some money wisely.

The owner of the building will supervise all the activities

Every owner will know every important aspect of each apartment and tenant and will supervise the billing. Furthermore, the value of the building will increase, because all the equipment can be easily checked and this way everything is safer.

The maintenance companies will have an easy access to all the problems

This computerized monitoring helps the companies to resolve every problem faster and safer.