A Guide for All Buyers When Choosing Custom Lanyards

personalized lanyard

Most of us might have used lanyards long back, but many of them might not have heard about it. A lanyard is simply a strap to be worn around the neck that can carry items like badges and ID proofs comfortably. Companies use lanyard as a means to carry the identification badge easily and a way to promote or advertise their company name.

As lanyard is an important product for any company, there is a need to customize it with proper guidance. Today, you can get personalized lanyards, which carries your company logo printed on it. Also, you can get lanyards for dedicated section of members with useful wordings like – “staff”, “security” and “visitor”.

When it comes to buying a custom lanyard, there are some things to keep in mind as you may stuck with a company that has delivered a cheap quality lanyard which may not long last or the printing of the logo is not clear. To avoid such thing follow the below mentioned guidelines:

  • Select your lanyard according to the purpose:

Before customizing lanyards look for the accurate purpose like for a short term period for example in conferences choose a light weight and a very attractive graphically designed lanyard with a clear cut logo of your company or for different sectional staff like a reflected lanyard for your security staff that can be helpful in a low light.

  • Choose quality wisely:

There are different varieties of lanyards in the market but to choose the best is the major concern. Your lanyards can be worn by your staff and sometimes it can be worn by certain dignitaries or other guests. Hence, the quality of the print, material used to make it or its durability must be long lasting.

  • Select its type according to the nature of your work:

Lanyards are mostly used to carry staff badges and ID cards in any field of work. In corporate offices, you will find lanyards with visitor badges at reception. Security is a big concern in any field. Therefore, you can customize a clip or cord type lanyards that carry the electronic badges safely to ensure that the person will not lose it.

  • Content on the lanyard:

Decide your lanyard content whether you want name, logo or any tag line on it. Lanyard is a way to promote your company’s name and that is the reason you should select the design, theme and content attractive and trendy in colors and prints.

  • Affordability:

Choose a supplier who can fulfill your requirements within your budget. Lanyard is not a thing that you purchase on daily or regular basis. Hence, you should order in bulk, as manufactures offer concessions, which is cheaper and will keep your budget under control.